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Reducing Soot Could Help Cool the Arctic, New Study Says

CLIMATE CENTRAL - New research shows that cutting man-made soot emissions may help stem Arctic climate change.… Read More

Annual Climate Report Shows We Live in a Warming World

CLIMATE CENTRAL - New NOAA climate change report shows continued warming in 2009, in keeping with long-term trends.… Read More

Spread of Disease Linked to Warming Climate

DAILY CLIMATE - CDC warns doctors to be on the alert after concluding a once-tropical disease is spreading in the Pacific Northwest.… Read More

Locking In Our Future

DAILY CLIMATE - Today's emissions decisions will drive the planet's weather for generations, panel concludes. The question for policymakers: How much change do we want to dial in?… Read More

Warming Waters Add New Pressures to an Ancient Livelihood

DAILY CLIMATE - Regulators traditionally react to falling fish stocks by putting additional curbs on fishing - an approach that may not work as larger changes such as global warming alter the seas and their inhabitants.… Read More

Climate Change Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

DAILY CLIMATE - From heat stress to sewage overflows, climate change promises to bring extreme weather that can throw our nation's ill-prepared public health infrastructure 'back to the 1890s,' according to experts.… Read More

High Above the Earth, Satellites Track Melting Ice

YALE E360 - Scientists are using increasingly sophisticated satellite technology to measure the extent, thickness, and height of ice, assembling an essential picture of a planet in transition.… Read More

Climategate Scientist Cleared in Inquiry, Again

DAILY CLIMATE - Cleared by one panel, Michael Mann - and climate science in general - continue to generate controversy. … Read More