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Significant Events for Spring 2013

NOAA released its Spring climate summary on June 13th, 2013. With cooler and wetter than average conditions persisting nationally, this spring was the 38th coolest spring on record. The contiguous U.S. experienced its first season with below average temperatures since the winter of 2010-2011. Spring precipitation was above the 20th century average across the contiguous U.S., with Iowa experiencing its wettest spring to date, recording 8.84 inches of precipitation. In addition, the spring of 2013 was more extreme than average, featuring deadly tornadoes, widespread flooding, and deepening drought. The West was warmer and drier than average this spring, setting that region up for a potentially devastating wildfire season along with water supply worries in some areas, such as New Mexico.

The graphic above provides a snapshot of the summary’s highlights. For more information, visit NOAA's State of the Climate page.