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Mississippi and Ohio River Flooding

A bulge of water is now making its way down the Mississippi River towards Louisiana, where levees protecting New Orleans will be put to the test. The Mississippi River at Memphis, Tennessee crested at 47.79 feet on Tuesday, its second-highest level on record, about a foot below the level set in the great flood of 1937, but well above flood stage, which is 34 feet. River levels remain very high there, and will continue that way for a few more days, according to National Weather Service forecasts.

The Mississippi River is not expected to crest in Louisiana until next week, and Gov. Bobby Jindal is warning that up to 3 million acres could be affected by floodwaters. The National Weather Service is forecasting a 19.5 foot crest in New Orleans on May 23. The city’s levees only protect it against floodwaters of up to 20 feet.

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