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Halloween Weather Extremes

By Climate Central

Parents and kids alike need to dress properly for trick-or-treating every year, but depending on the weather, this can mean something very different from one year to the next. October 31 can be hot, cold, rainy, or even snowy depending on weather patterns.

Halloween weather extremes in your city

Many cities have historically seen a wide range of temperatures around Halloween. In our analysis, the most dramatic difference in record high and record low temperatures on Halloween is in Rapid City, S.D., where the record high of 81°F was set in 1999 and the record low of -2°F was set in 1991. Palm Springs had the hottest Halloween of our markets, hitting 101°F in 1966, while Butte, Mont., had the coldest, hitting -11°F in 2002.

Five cities that we analyzed — Salt Lake City; Butte, Great Falls, and Bozeman, Mont.; and Casper, Wyo. — set record highs in 2014, and two more set record highs in 2015 (Tampa and Reno). A few places in the Southern Plains and the East Coast broke heat records earlier this month, with some smashing records by as much as 11°F. As of August 2016, record highs in the U.S.  outnumbered record lows this year by a ratio of 5.5 to 1.

The general trend is for Octobers to get warmer, as overall temperatures rise because of greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere. This will inevitably begin to cut down on the number of cool Halloween evenings that many are used to.