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Halloween Extremes in U.S. Cities

By Climate Central

Dressing for Halloween weather can vary a lot from year-to-year, as late October is known for some big swings in weather. One example: Omaha, Nebraska has been in the 80s on Halloween, but they have also gotten more than six inches of snow on that date.

Halloween weather extremes for these cities

While the coldest Halloween unsurprisingly comes in Alaska, Montana is not far behind, with Butte as cold as -11°F in 2002. And Halloweens in the 90s aren’t confined to the deserts, as Los Angeles soared to 96°F in 1918.

But overall, Octobers are warming across the U.S. with the increasing accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since 1970, October temperatures have risen about 2°F. Warming throughout the fall is even stronger in some parts of the country, with the Northeast and the West warming the most. This warming can delay the start of some of the traditional cold season activities in cooler and mountainous climates, such as skiing. The warming trend also means first freezes occur later in the year, which can allow more insects to survive later into the year and make for a longer fall allergy season.