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Hurricane Season 2010

2010 is predicted have an "active to extremely active" hurricane season. Bookmark Climate Central's Hurricane feature for background information and to keep up-to-date on the climate-related implications.

Below you'll find Climate Central's comprehensive coverage. Use the links below to jump to content:

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Hurricane Graphics and Videos 


Do Hurricanes and Oil Mix?
Why this hurricane season is looking like it will
be particularly active, and how a hurricane
might mix with the Gulf oil spill.


Forecasting a Hurricane: Track vs. Intensity
The challenges involved with forecasting the
track of a hurricane versus the intensity, and
the importance of hurricane warnings to society.


Storm Spotting
Dr. Jack Beven explains his work at the National
Hurricane Center, where he helps issue hurricane
warnings that keep people out of harms way.


Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies
A comparison of sea surface temperature anomalies in 2005 and 2010.


What Ocean Conditions Lead to Hurricanes?
Ocean temperature plays a significant role in the
formation and intensification of tropical storms
and hurricanes.


What Will the 2010 Hurricane Season Look Like?
2010 is predicted have an "active to extremely active" hurricane season.


What Is a Cape Verde Hurricane?
Cape Verde storms have a long time to develop and intensify.


Microanimation: Cape Verde Hurricanes
Hurricanes that form in the Cape Verde region have a long trajectory over warm oceans — which are ideal conditions for hurricane intensification.


2010 Hurricane Scorecard
The 2010 hurricane season to date, as compared with an average season to date, and the NOAA outlook for the entire hurricane season.


Global Temperatures and the Hurricane Season
This hurricane season is trending above average, with increased activity coming as we enter the last half of the season.

Hurricane Round-Up 2010: Slideshow
November 30th marked the official end of the 2010 hurricane season, here are some pictures from this year's storms.


Current Atlantic Hurricane Activity



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Hurricane Resources



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