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Hurricane Season 2010

Hurricane Season 2010

2010 is predicted have an "active to extremely active" hurricane season. Bookmark Climate Central's Hurricane feature for background information and to keep up-to-date on the climate-related implications. … Read More

Record-Breaking Heat

Record-Breaking Heat

Climate change is leading to more frequent and intense heat waves.… Read More

Gulf Oil Spill Resources

The oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico is continuing to spread. Climate Central provides a list of links to key sites, data visualizations, and interactive maps to help you understand the environmental impact. … Read More

Is Gulf Oil Headed For The East Coast? A New Simulation Says: Maybe

New study shows oil spreading up the Atlantic coast. But how likely is this scenario?"… Read More

Nuclear Energy FAQs

24 Years After Chernobyl: Examining nuclear energy in light of a changing climate… Read More

Earth Day

Forty years of education. How had our climate changed?… Read More



The Globe Is Already Above 1°C, on Its Way to 1.5°C Global average temperature has already warmed 1°C beyond pre-industrial levels, on its way to 1.5°C without deep emissions cuts.

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