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Welcome to the Climate Matters' Archive Page. Raw data and explanation of data treatment are either provided here or available upon request. Don't forget to join Climate Matters on Facebook!

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2016: January
2015 Temp Review
Fewer Cold Nights
2015: Hottest Global Year
Coldest Days of Winter
Groundhog Day & Superbowl

Fact Sheets:

Fact #1:    Carbon Dioxide is a Heat-Trapping Gas
Fact #2:    We Are Adding More Carbon Dioxide to the Atmosphere All the Time
Fact #3:    Temperatures are Rising
Fact #4:    Sea Level is Rising
Fact #5:    Climate Change Can be Natural, but What's Happening Now Can't be Explained by Natural Forces
Fact #6:    The Terms “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” Are Almost Interchangeable
Fact #7:    We Can Already See The Effects of Climate Change
Fact #8:    Large Regions of The World Are Seeing a Significant Increase In Extreme Weather Events, Including                     Torrential Rainstorms, Heat Waves And Droughts
Fact #9:    Frost and Snowstorms Will Still Happen in a Warmer World
Fact #10:  Global Warming is a Long-Term Trend; It Doesn’t Mean Next Year Will Always Be Warmer Than This Year



2/2/16 - Groundhog Day & The Superbowl


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1/27/16 - Coldest Days of Winter


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1/20/16 - 2015: Hottest Global Year on Record


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1/13/16 - Fewer Cold Nights


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1/7/16 - 2015 U.S. Temperatures in Review


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