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Countdown to July 24 Release of 'Global Weirdness' | Climate Central
Helping climate science make sense.

Countdown to July 24 Release of ‘Global Weirdness’

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Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds

The countdown is on. We're talking hours here. So pardon us if we're a little like a kid counting down the days to Christmas morning as Climate Central’s first book project officially hits the stores on July 24, and we're admittedly a little excited about the project.



It’s titled Global Weirdness: Severe Storms, Deadly Heat Waves, Relentless Drought, Rising Seas and the Weather of the Future, published by Pantheon. The book is an effort to tell the story of climate science and climate change in a straightforward, low-key way, without apocalyptic proclamations. Just the facts, as the best scientists are able to lay them out. And speaking of facts, here's our countdown of facts as we hurry up and wait for July 24 to get here:

Our countdown of Top 20 global warming facts, via Twitter:
(Feel free to join us and post your own under the hashtag #globalweirdness)

No. 20: the climate can change due to natural AND human causes http://bit.ly/PkKBYp  ‪#globalweirdness‬

No. 19: Ecosystems are seeing big changes as the ‪#climate‬ warms http://bit.ly/PkKBYp  ‪#globalweirdness‬

No. 18: Weather isn’t climate — except it kind of is http://bit.ly/PkKBYp  ‪#globalweirdness‬

No. 17: CO2 is just one of many greenhouse gases humans emit http://bit.ly/PkKBYp  ‪#globalweirdness‬

No. 16: ‪#Heatwaves‬, ‪#droughts‬ & downpours are coming more often http://bit.ly/PkKBYp  ‪#globalweirdness‬

No. 15: No natural force can explain the current warming http://bit.ly/PkKBYp  ‪#globalweirdness‬

No. 14: Arctic sea ice has been on a melting trend for 30 years http://bit.ly/PkKBYp #globalweirdness

No. 13: No single energy source can replace fossil fuels bit.ly/PkKBYp #globalweirdness

No. 12: Sea level is 8 inches higher than it was in 1900 http://bit.ly/MqVnFd #globalweirdness

No. 11: #Climate change is likely to mess with world’s food supply bit.ly/MqVnFd #globalweirdness

No. 10: Atlantic hurricanes could get fewer but stronger http://bit.ly/MqVnFd #globalweirdness

No. 9: Rising ocean temperatures are killing corals http://bit.ly/MqVnFd #climate #globalweirdness

No. 8: The air hasn’t had this much CO2 in 650,000 years http://bit.ly/MqVnFd  #globalweirdness

No. 7: Extra CO2 is making the ocean more acidic http://bit.ly/MqVnFd #globalweirdness

No. 6: Replacing gas with ethanol is no answer to CO2 emissions http://bit.ly/MqVnFd #globalweirdness

No. 5: Sea level could rise between 2 and 6 ft by 2100 http://bit.ly/MqVnFd ; #globalweirdness

No. 4: Greenland is losing ice at faster all the time http://bit.ly/MqVnFd ; #globalweirdness

No. 3: CO2 isn’t the only greenhouse gas humans emit http://bit.ly/MqVnFd ; #globalweirdness

No. 2: Futuristic technology could save us, but it’s risky http://bit.ly/MqVnFd ; #globalweirdness

@USAToday jumps on the #GlobalWeirdness bandwagon http://usat.ly/NNalMa Climb aboard. Happy to have you #climate

Global Weirdness excerpt in the Daily Beast: bit.ly/PAuCDA "Does Global Warming Cause Severe Weather?" #globalweirdness

We think @StephenAtHome & @TheDailyShow bit.ly/MqVnFd won't be able to pass on #GlobalWeirdness. It's match made in weirdness

New book? Check. On Al Roker? Check. Praise from NYT? Check. We want Colbert! @StephenAtHome & Stewart! @TheDailyShow http://bit.ly/MqVnFd

New book, Global Weirdness, nets high praise from NYT @bittman bit.ly/MLDbGy Much obliged, Mark #globalweirdness #climate

Climate Central's @MLemonick gives @alroker a wake-up call to #GlobalWeirdness bit.ly/Q68LoW B #climate

This has not been an average year, and we don't have an average book! http://bit.ly/L7ZzzN  Our story ‪#GlobalWeirdness‬ of ‪#climate‬ science

Reviews rolling in for "Global Weirdness" http://bit.ly/Lz6azi  Book of month? We certainly hope so. In stores July 24 ‪#globalweirdness‬

Two-week countdown begins for #GlobalWeirdness to hit bookstores! amzn.to/MYu0Cu OK, so we're a little excited

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