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Image of the Day: It’s Not Easy Being Green in the U.K.

Prolonged rain and roller coaster temperatures have taken their toll on the beloved asparagus crop in the U.K., according to The Guardian newspaper. The asparagus season is short-lived; starting around May 1 and ending at the end of June. Since asparagus is very climate sensitive, with a warm spring, the greens could have hit the shelves even earlier. But that wasn’t the case. April was the U.K.'s wettest such month on record, with numerous rounds of severe thunderstorms, and even some observed tornadoes.

While temperatures were high in March, April was much cooler and the recent rains have also cooled the soil temperatures. Asparagus needs a soil temperature of 50 degrees to grow. So now the coveted greens will be in short supply during a season of high demand.

Credit: flickr/Roitsch

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