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Image of the Day: Proof that Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Crops have been hit hard this year thanks to the historic, widespread drought gripping a majority of nation. Agricultural losses are already expected to have a price tag in the billions. But there is one silver lining of the drought: sweeter, juicer, more intense flavors in several fruits and vegetables. According to TIME, foods such as peaches, tomatoes, peppers, melons, and onions will have intensified flavors from the lack of rain. The fruits and veggies will be smaller and less juicy, but that will simply concentrate the taste. The water that typically makes them plump, also dilutes them. So don't shy away from the pint-size items in the produce section this year, they just may be exactly what you're looking for. 


Scenario: Possible Electric Energy Sources in 2050 A mix of new electricity sources by 2050 could reduce CO2 emissions by 83 percent.

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