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Image of the Day: A Village Forced to Move by Rising Seas

The villagers of Vunidogoloa on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, know firsthand how sea level rise can affect their daily life. According to this article from Alternet, throughout 2012, the Fijians have been in the process of relocating their seaside village — which has been affected by rising seas, erosion, and flooding — to higher, drier ground.

Small coastal communities such as this one are on the front lines of climate change, despite the fact that they have contributed very little global warming gases to the atmosphere in the first place. A similar process is underway in the village of Kivalina, Alaska. Villagers of Kivalina have sued Exxon Mobil for damage incurred by sea level rise, but on Sept. 21, a federal appeals court ruled that the village didn't have legal standing to sue the company, and must instead seek remedies through the legislative process.

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