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Hot Weather Records Falling Left and Right

Andrew Freedman

By Andrew Freedman

As she did for winter 2010, this summer Mother Nature has truly outdone herself, this time by brewing up a miserable combination of heat and humidity that has enveloped not only the northeastern US, but much of the Northern Hemisphere as well. As Ian Livingston reported on Saturday, July was the warmest single calendar month of all time in Washington (tied with July 1993). The warmest day in the city was July 7th, when the temperature soared to 102 degrees Fahrenheit at Reagan National Airport. The day before, the temperature rose to a sweltering 105 F at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

In total, Washingtonians sweated through 21 July days during which temperatures exceeded 90 degrees. Baltimore set a new record for the average daily high temperature, which was 92.5 degrees, beating July 1988's 91.9 degrees.

New York City and Philadelphia experienced their second-warmest months since records began in the late 1800s. New York recorded an average monthly temperature of 81.3 degrees, which was 4.8 degrees above the July average. The warmest July on record there occurred in 1999, when the average temperature was 81.4 degrees.

Temperature anomalies (degrees Celsius) for January to June 2010.
Red dots indicate warmer-than-average conditions, and blue dots
indicate areas that were colder than average. Credit: NCDC/NESDIS/NOAA.

Worldwide, this year already stands second to 2007 for the largest number of all-time high-temperature records set in one year, including the searing 128.3 (!!!) degrees recorded in MohenjuDaro, Pakistan, on May 26. If the World Meteorological Organization verifies this reading, it will go down as the hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia.

Read more at Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang blog.


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