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Extreme Weather 101: Climate Change and Precipitation

Extreme Weather 101: Rainstorms

When it rains, it pours. That’s how we may want to think about the effects of climate change on precipitation.  Scientist Tom Petersen and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain the link between rainstorms and global warming in Extreme Weather 101.

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By John
on December 28th, 2012

The first step to survive climate change should be knowledge of principle and design on which nature functions sustain certain energy to matter ratio and thus temperature of earth. We need to develop global energy and time management to survive climate catastrophes. We need evolve our knowledge to nature and life into a new dimension to understand the truth and oneness of nature and its functioning. Every action of modern man to exploit the material world and its energy for self-advancement without knowing the whole truth or principle and design on which earth functions is leading the world to uncertainty and disaster. If we do not awaken to the fundamental realities of nature and develop new technologies to harness energy and use it judiciously in harmony with nature and its energy cycle we would end in giving huge prize. Earth does not care for nation’s material and economic interest and no nations can stand against her fury. The best way open is to understand and develop strategies to live in harmony with her.

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