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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Balancing an Emissions Budget

By Alyson Kenward

The latest episode of the Climopedia podcast is up, and this time we’re talking about the National Academy of Science’s recommendation that the U.S. institute a greenhouse gas emissions budget to help minimize the impact of climate change in the coming years.

The recent America’s Climate Choices report, Limiting the Magnitude of Climate Change, recommends that between 2012 and 2050, this country should emit no more than between 170 and 200 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalents.

But what does that even mean? And most importantly: can we meet this goal?

As you’ll hear, it’s hard to get a clear idea of either of those things.

On this episode, you’ll hear from both Robert Fri, the chair of the second America’s Climate Choices report, and Robert Socolow, a Princeton University researcher who helped review the report and also contributed to the fourth report, Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change.

Joining me from Climate Central are senior science writer Michael D. Lemonick and Eric Larson, a scientist who closely studies energy issues.

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