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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Interactive Look at Top 11 Indicators of a Warming World

Climate scientists are 95 percent certain that the climate is changing and greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are the cause of it. While rising temperatures are the most commonly cited change, there are numerous other indicators of has changed since the start of the Industrial Revolution from rising seas to melting glaciers and ice shee… Read More

IPCC Roundup: Stories Turn to IPCC’s Purpose, Scope

One question asked by several reporters was whether the massive tomes of dense information that the IPCC produces every six years or so are worth it anymore, or if shorter-turnaround, more targeted assessments on single topics of interest to policymakers would be more useful.… Read More

IPCC Roundup: Early Reports Focus on Warming ‘Hiatus’

A key portion of the long awaited Fifth Assessment Report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is slated to be released on Friday in Stockholm, where scientists and government representatives are currently meeting to finalize the report’s language. In addition to our original reporting and analysis, each day this week Climate Cen… Read More

Strongest Storm on Earth En Route to Hong Kong

Super-Typhoon Usagi became the strongest storm on Earth on Thursday. Though it’s weakened since then, the storm is still churning towards Hong Kong and could create major disruptions there with a likely landfall there as early as Sunday. On Thursday, Usagi measured sustained wind speeds of 160 mph. Those winds made it the strongest storm on Earth … Read More

What Is America’s Most Fuel-Efficient Airline?

Group ranks major airlines based on fuel efficiency, but there are many unknowns about how airlines burn fuel. … Read More

You Asked, We Answered: Response to 2013 Cars Report

In the month since we released our report, A Roadmap to Climate Friendly Cars: 2013 we have received many good questions and insightful comments from readers. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to give us feedback on our report. We especially appreciate those who recognized the inherent challenges involved in carrying out and presenting l… Read More

Sunburned in Siberia: Heat Wave Leads to Wildfires

A heat wave in Siberia has led to a surge in wildfires, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.… Read More

Mid-July Heat Wave Bakes U.S. From Coast to Coast

The heat wave that gripped the U.S. in mid-July had most of the country sweating bullets. Temperatures ratcheted up from coast to coast from July 10 to July 19 as the graphic above from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows. During the period, 134 high temperature records fell or were tied. Records were set indiscriminate of ...… Read More