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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Heat and Threat of Wildfires Blaze on in Australia

a delayed monsoon is helping to heat Australia to record levels, with weather forecasters adding new colors onto weather maps to indicate temperatures up to 129°F. While the wildfires have diminished some, the heat is forecast to return to Queensland and other areas during the weekend into early next week, and the fire danger remains "extreme" in s… Read More

5 Charts Help Illustrate 2012 As Warmest Year on Record

The 1°F margin between 2012 and 1998 may not seem like much at first, but usually such temperature records are set by just a few fractions of a degree. As seen in this NOAA chart, 2012 towers above the pack of warm years.… Read More

Tell Me Why: We Need ‘Normals’ and Long-term Trends

What is “normal” when it comes to temperature and precipitation? The definition not only varies with location and time, but it changes from decade to decade. And it’s those decadal trends that interest climate scientists like Anthony Arguez. He explains the importance of “normals” in this version of Tell Me Why.… Read More

Tell Me Why: Climate Science Is So Important

What’s seen from the sky can tell us a lot about what’s happening on Earth. Scientists rely on data gleaned from satellites for information on how our climate already has changed, and for clues on how it might change in the future. Scientist Jeff Privette tells us more in Tell Me Why.… Read More

Tell Me Why: Questions Swirl Around Climate & Tornadoes

Does a warming world affect the formation of tornadoes? The answer is one that scientists and researchers are trying to find. In this edition of Tell Me Why, climate scientist Deke Arndt explains why questions continue to swirl around any kind of connection between climate change and tornadoes.… Read More

Tell Me Why: The Climate Extremes Index Matters

The Climate Extremes Index, or CEI, tracks the highest and lowest 10 percent of extremes in a number of categories. As climate scientist Deke Arndt explains in this edition of Tell Me Why, the CEI contains critical information on how are climate is changing and what climate trends we may see.… Read More

Climate Central Leads 2012’s Climate Coverage

Year-end numbers for media coverage of climate change were released Wednesday in an annual report by The Daily Climate, and while that coverage fell 2 percent, there were some interesting numbers. According to The Daily Climate’s archives, worldwide coverage by many major news organizations gave roughly the same amount of coverage this year as the… Read More