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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions Where You Live

In addition to serving as the foundation for regulations, the EPA hopes energy companies and the public use the data to improve their decision making. … Read More

Doomsday Clock Ticks Louder, But Who’s Listening?

Doomsday clock used to mean something back in the day, but now the general response to such news is more or less, "The What?"… Read More

Texas Drought Threatens Endangered Whooping Cranes

Unlike other birds, whooping cranes do not stop and graze for food during their migratory journeys, so it's critical that they have an adequate supply of food during the winter.… Read More

High Temperature Records Set in the Plains

Aberdeen, S.D. reached 63°F, which was also the warmest temperature ever recorded there during the month of January, and the list goes on. … Read More

Chinese Airlines Refuse to Pay EU Carbon Fees

As the Guardian story states, "airlines that fail to pay carbon allowances can be fined €100 per tonne of carbon dioxide. Persistent offenders are liable to be banned" from flying to Europe.… Read More

Delta Becomes First U.S. Airline to Add EU Emissions Fee

The fee is aimed at helping the airline cope with the EU emissions trading rule that went into effect on Sunday.… Read More

As Santorum Surges, Sound Science Sags

In the contest of which GOP candidate may be the biggest doubter of climate change science, Rick Santorum is the unchallenged leader of the pack. But, John Huntsman still is the only GOP candidate unafraid to publicly affirm it.… Read More

Hybrid Sharks Discovery: Is There a Global Warming Connection?

However, this doesn't mean that the hybrid sharks are the direct result of changing ocean temperatures.… Read More