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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Seattle Sees Nearly a Year’s Worth of Snow in One Storm

The chart shows the largest 24-hour snowfall amounts (in inches) for each month dating back for each of the Seattle area observation stations, including Sea-Tac airport and the University of Washington.… Read More

Winter Storm Slams the Pacific Northwest

Still, considering that Seattle's average snowfall in an entire year is 5.9 inches, this is still a significant storm for them.… Read More

Does La Nina Fuel Flu Pandemics?

Not to worry you, but we are currently in the midst of our second year of La Niña conditions, with tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures running cooler than average. … Read More

Sea Level Rise Poses Big Threat to Washington, D.C.

The study helps localize a problem that is more typically discussed at the global level, and makes clear that public officials must make decisions in the near-term in order to minimize future losses.… Read More

Potentially Crippling Snowstorm for Seattle, Portland

Considering that Seattle typically sees just 5.9 inches of snow during an entire winter, this storm is likely to cause major problems for the city.… Read More

Warming Arctic May Be Causing Cooler Winters in Eastern U.S., Europe

According to the study, as the Arctic warms and loses more sea ice during the summer, more moisture can evaporate from the Arctic Ocean.… Read More

Exploring the New EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Database

In total, the database contains information on facilities that account for about 80 percent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.… Read More

Covering the Coverage: Scientists Propose Cuts in Methane, Soot Emissions

"I mean, it's like picking a fight with the biggest bully in the schoolyard," he says with a note of lament. "You know, you get your lunch money stolen...… Read More