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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Image of the Day: Moss May Explain Earth’s Mini Ice Ages

According to researchers, the invasion of the land by primitive moss-like plants was a pivotal time in our history.… Read More

Clear and Present Dangers Not So Clear, or Present

Let’s face it, human beings are not very good at dealing with distant, relatively uncertain threats. Whether we’re talking about environmental risks, such as climate change, or systemic economic peril, such as the collapse of mortgage-backed securities, our brains are hard-wired to focus on dangers that are front and center.… Read More

Extreme Cold Proves Deadly in Europe

A southerly plunge in the jet stream is allowing Arctic air to flow into Europe and Asia, where snow cover is above average. During the past few winters, weather patterns in the Arctic played a key role in bringing cold and snowy conditions to the U.S. and Europe.… Read More

Groundhog Day in a Year Without a Winter

Scientists say the mild winter will reverberate throughout ecosystems during Spring, with bigger deer populations thanks to more accessible vegetation for them to feed on throughout the winter.… Read More

Image of the Day: Lenticular Clouds over the Rockies

These phenomenal clouds were observed last month on the south side of Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park… Read More

38 Climate Scientists Push Back with Letter to WSJ

The letter pushes back against the assertion that global warming has stopped in recent years, which is a claim that has frequently been made in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. "Climate experts know that the long-term warming trend has not abated in the past decade."… Read More

Record Warmth in Eastern U.S.; Temps Tumble in Alaska

While much of the Lower-48 states are experiencing a year without a winter, Alaska continues to suffer from record cold and snow. The contrast is a consequence of the prevailing weather pattern that has set up so far this winter, with high altitude winds preventing Arctic air from spilling down into the continental U.S. for extended periods.… Read More

Did Global Warming Cause Sidney Crosby’s Concussion?

Here’s a conversation starter for the casual sports fan: did global warming cause Sidney Crosby’s concussion? No, the National Hockey League’s biggest star did not sustain a head injury by slipping and falling on receding polar ice. But he is the victim of the same kind of resistance to science that has made climate change such a stubborn problem.… Read More