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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Interactive Wildfire Map Shows Outbreaks in Real-Time

As the temperature warms and large parts of the U.S. become drier, wildfires are becoming more common and widespread — a trend that will continue to worsen thanks to climate change caused by human greenhouse gas emissions. Now you can monitor outbreaks of wildfire in real time with Climate Central’s new interactive map. The flame icons represent … Read More

Image of the Day: Fish Sticks! A One-Two Climate Punch

For Alaska pollock, the white fish primarily used in fish-sticks and one of the most economically valuable fisheries in the world, climate change is a one-two punch. According to NOAA, rising water temperatures reduce the abundance of their preferred food while increasing the population size of their predators. Found most commonly in the Bering … Read More

Powerful Video of 2012 Record Arctic Sea Ice Melt

The melting this year has been so rapid and extensive that the previous record minimum, set in 2007, had already been shattered by August 26, with at least three weeks left in the melt season. For the month of August overall, which was the fourth warmest on record globally, ice cover averaged just 1.82 million square miles, the lowest for any Augus… Read More

Image of the Day: Otters Are Climate-Saving Creatures

After studying 40 years worth of data, researchers from the University of California Santa Cruz have found that sea otters play an active role in combating climate change. And it's all thanks to their love of sea urchin, a natural predator of the carbon-sucking coastal seaweed, kelp. In the absence of otters, urchins dine like kings, but in their … Read More

Image of the Day: Popcorn Prices Are Popping Up

The 2012 historic drought on the Midwest has had myriad impacts, including sending popcorn prices soaring this summer, with buyers small and large scrambling for their supplies, the according to the Huffington Post. With more than 80 percent of U.S. popcorn production consumed domestically, Midwest farmers are eager to supply the demand and they'v… Read More

Image of the Day: Okinawa Faces Super Typhoon Sanba

Super Typhoon Sanba became one of the most powerful storms so far this hurricane season as it wound its way over the Western Pacific, on its way to a potential encounter with Okinawa and South Korea. Packing sustained winds of greater than 155 mph and even stronger gusts, this storm would cause a catastrophe were it to strike land at this intensity… Read More

Image of the Day: Cotton Candy Mammatus Clouds

These clouds often form on the underside of towering thunderstorm anvils, after powerful updrafts carry moist air to the top of the clouds, where the air spreads out and then sinks back down, evaporating moisture and cooling in the process. … Read More

NASA’s Hurricane Drone On a 26-Hour Flight

NASA seems intent on setting some flight time records (there's gotta be a record for longest time spent gathering data on a hurricane, right?), having sent a Global Hawk to gather data on what is likely to become Tropical Storm Nadine during the next few days.… Read More