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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Hurricane Sandy Looks More Likely to Slam Eastern U.S.

Recent studies have shown that blocking patterns have appeared with greater frequency and intensity in recent years, which some scientists think may be related to the loss of Arctic sea ice as a result global warming.… Read More

Hurricane Sandy Poses Growing Threat To East Coast

What is known with greater certainty is that Sandy is going to make landfall Wednesday in Jamaica, lashing that island with hurricane force winds and heavy rains, before charging northeastward into eastern Cuba. It will also dump heavy rainfall on Haiti and the Dominican Republic, which could cause life-threatening flooding. … Read More

Will Tropical Storm Sandy Threaten U.S. East Coast?

Some computer models, such as the one built by the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), are showing that the storm could be near hurricane intensity when it strikes land somewhere between Virginia and Maine, almost a year to the day since the Snowtober storm struck the same area.… Read More

Scientists Eat Crow on Geoengineering Test. Me, Too

Scientists (presumably including Keith) were outraged that such a thing could happen. It’s not that they have anything against algae, but rather that the project was a type of geoengineering — a suite of anti-climate-change strategies that are highly controversial because they have the potential for triggering significant unintended consequences.… Read More

Grim Storm Scenarios Loom for Mid-Atlantic, Northeast

Several computer model runs have shown a slingshot scenario, in which Tropical Storm (or hurricane) Sandy initially moves out to sea east of North Carolina, but is captured by the jet stream and flung northwestward into the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast.… Read More

A Record Lack of Rain in Drought-Stricken Nebraska

As the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) stated in its monthly drought report, several states also blew away their previous records. "It should be noted that the dryness this year has been so extreme and persistent that, not only did several states rank driest for several time scales... but their records were by wide margins compared to the prev… Read More

Welcome Rains Are Forecast, But So Are Severe Storms

Although it may spark damaging thunderstorms, drought relief is the bright side to this upcoming storm system. It is expected to provide beneficial rainfall, on the order of one to two inches, in some of the hardest hit states. Computer model projections show the likelihood for particularly heavy rains in parts of Oklahoma.… Read More

Climate Extremes Index on Rise, As Climate Attitudes Shift

According to a report released on Tuesday by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), the extremes index was more than twice the average value during the January through September period, marking the CEI value since such records began in 1910. … Read More