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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

2012 Year in Pictures: The Top 10 Most Striking Images

Call it our year in pictures as 2012 may be remembered for some of these top 10 images.… Read More

Extreme Weather 101: Climate Change and Precipitation

When it rains, it pours. That’s how we may want to think about the effects of climate change on precipitation. Scientist Tom Petersen and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain the link between rainstorms and global warming in Extreme Weather 101.… Read More

Extreme Weather 101: Rising Temps & Snowstorms

Can a warming planet really play a role in big snowstorms? In Extreme Weather 101, scientist Jay Lawrimore and meteorologist Dan Satterfield detail how increased temperatures can affect the formation of snowstorms that can blanket and paralyze a city.… Read More

Extreme Weather 101: Drought & Our Changing Climate

Drought has left huge swaths of the United States parched this year. Are these dry conditions simply a fluke, or something we many need to get used to in a warming world? Scientist Mike Brewer and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain the connection between drought and a changing climate in our series Extreme Weather 101.… Read More

Extreme Weather 101: Heat Spikes On the Rise

Heat records tumbled across the country this spring and summer as heat waves and warmer-than-normal temperatures blistered much of the United States. As scientist Deke Arndt and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain in this edition of Extreme Weather 101, these heat spikes are likely to become more commonplace as greenhouse gases heat up the planet… Read More

Climate Science Community Loses Giant in Jerry Mahlman

I was deeply saddened when I learned today of Jerry Mahlman’s passing on November 28th in Buffalo Grove, IL. Jerry was a friend, a mentor and a true giant in the climate science community. Among his many awards, Jerry received the U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medal, the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal from the American Meteorological Society … Read More

New York Times Op-Ed: Rising Seas, Vanishing Coastlines

The New York Times featured a Sunday op-ed by Ben Strauss, Climate Central's director of the program on sea level, in which Strauss says there are two basic ways to protect ourselves from sea level rise: reduce it by cutting pollution, or prepare for it by defense and retreat. … Read More

Cutting Short-lived Pollutant Can Halve Near-term Warming

Much within Amy Luers' recent Daily Climate essay on extreme weather and the climate crisis is to be commended. Indeed, cutting emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) today won't eliminate a climate change-induced pattern favoring more severe storms and extreme weather. In advocating for emissions cuts, the climate change community has to avoid … Read More