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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Global Warming Satellite Data Claims Don’t Withstand Scrutiny

A second misleading claim is that it’s simply not possible to identify the human contribution to global warming, despite studies that have done just that.… Read More

No Heartburn Relief for Oceans

Scientists feel we can fix the problem of ocean acidification but it might cost trillions a year and do more harm than good.… Read More

Tropical Storm Washi Triggers Disastrous Flooding in Philippines

A tropical cyclone traversing an unusual path took the southern Philippines by surprise, killed at least 900 from flash flooding.… Read More

Thailand Floods Give High-Tech Sector an Intro to Climate Adaptation

It's not just governments that need to take steps to adapt to a changing climate, but the private sector does too.… Read More

Exploring the Prospects for Airborne Wind Energy

High altitude wind turbines have the potential to capture a much larger and more consistent renewable energy resource than current turbines.… Read More

2011’s Record Number of Billion Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters

NOAA has found that the aggregate damage from these 12 events alone currently stands at $52 billion and rising -- a hefty price tag in a sluggish economy.… Read More

New Jersey Faces Serious Climate Change Risks, Experts Warn

Officials in New Jersey are beginning to assess the state’s climate-related risks… Read More

Freak Wind Storm Wallops Western States

Historically, Santa Ana winds have been associated with major wildfire outbreaks, but in this case there were only scattered fires reported.… Read More