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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

This Week in Climate Science: Better Biofuels, Climate Extinction, and Global Warming Slowdown

It turns out that, since 1998, an increase in sulfur pollution, largely from a boom in Chinese coal power plants, has temporarily compensated for much of the impact of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations.… Read More

Replacing Coal With Clean Energy — Let Me Count the Ways

Construct 243 new Hoover Dams; 200,000 wind turbines; or place solar panels on an area triple the size of Delaware. These are just a few of the options for generating 80 percent of US electricity from clean sources.… Read More

Interactive Map Compares States’ Renewable Energy Goals

While the basic idea of an RPS is the same throughout all of the states, no two states have the same exact RPS.… Read More

Heat Wave Continues, With Record Warm Overnight Lows

To allow you to explore the recent record warm low temperatures, as well as trends going back at least a decade, Climate Central data journalist David Kroodsma created this interactive.… Read More

Hot Nights and High Humidity Set This Heat Wave Apart

According to the Star Tribune, XCel energy — Minnesota's largest utility — set a record for high electricity demand in Minnesota and three neighboring states on July 17, and 8,000 customers lost power at one point.… Read More

Helpful Energy Comparisons, Anyone? A Guide to Measuring Energy

Here at Climate in Context, the blog posts typically cover recent climate change news. But I also think it’s a perfect place to experiment with some useful energy comparisons, for everyone’s benefit.… Read More

New York Times Publishes a Searing Drought Story, But Completely Misses the Climate Change Angle

The fact that the Times story detailed both the drought and the record heat accompanying it, yet left out any mention of climate change, was a particularly puzzling error of omission.… Read More

Mapping US Tidal Power Potential

In some places, like the Pacific Northwest, the changing tides send water rushing through channels so narrow that it picks up incredible speed. This tidal water flow can be so powerful that its energy could be harnessed as clean electricity.… Read More