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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Dangerous Storm Threatens Coastal Villages of Alaska

Alaskan coastal villages like Kivalina are increasingly vulnerable to erosion and storm surge. … Read More

October Snowstorm Adds to 2011’s Billion Dollar Weather Disasters

In fact, the snowstorm caused more extensive tree damage in parts of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts than Irene did.… Read More

Why Extreme Weather is Like a Heart Attack

Maybe people would understand the risks of climate change better if they thought about it in a different way.… Read More

The Easy Fix That Isn’t: White Roofs May Increase Global Warming

White roofs might keep your house a bit cooler, but it would be at the expense of heating the planet, says a new study. … Read More

Global Warming: Still Not A Hoax!

Berkeley physicist Richard Muller proves to himself and to the world that the planet really is warming… Read More

A Post-Solyndra Snapshot of Solar Energy In America

Is solar on the verge of replacing fossil fuels or will it be decades before we see any significant contribution to US electricity generation from solar energy?… Read More

Wedges Reaffirmed

But, I submit, advocates for prompt action, of whom I am one, also bear responsibility for the poor quality of the discussion and the lack of momentum.… Read More

The Record Summer of 2011: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

A typical summer later this century could be significantly hotter than a record-setting summer today.… Read More