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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Climate Change and Global Food Production: Q&A with David Lobell

Firstly, it’s important to point out that when it comes to crops, there are always going to be troubles brought about by natural variability — we’ll continue to see extreme high and low temperatures and we will also still see droughts and floods.… Read More

Changing Climate May Favor Smaller Corals

The large and long-lived reef-building corals synonymous with the Caribbean — like staghorn corals, with their strong colorful branches, and boulder star corals — are being replaced by smaller species that grow and multiply quickly.… Read More

Are Scientists Confusing the Public About Global Warming?

In response to the communication disconnect, I would venture that it is not the scientists that are failing the public, rather, the political and media environment is failing the scientist. … Read More

Floods Continue in Australia and Pick Up in Brazil, Sri Lanka

Flash floods and landslides tore through an area north of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on Wednesday, triggered by intense rain that started on Tuesday.… Read More

Ocean Temperatures Show Possible Climate Change Connection to Australian Flooding

Looking back over the past several years, there is a pronounced long-term warming trend in the waters near Australia. Karoly says, “This isn’t just climate variability. This is man-made climate change.… Read More

Climate Science? There’s an App For That

We’ve scoured the Web and found ten applications for the iPhone and iPad that can help satisfy your climate science, and other atmospheric science-related, cravings.… Read More

Around the World, Small Mountain Glaciers Add to Sea Level Rise

Until now, most research on how much melting ice may contribute to rising sea levels has neglected the small glaciers.… Read More

Record Warmth in 2010, Despite Cooling Influences

The fact that 2010 turned out to be so warm despite these factors begs the question as to what role rising concentrations of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, had in this outcome.… Read More