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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Transport Policy for America’s (Environmental) Future

Nothing is more irritating than sitting in stop-and-go traffic, but congestion isn’t just hard on your nerves; it turns out that it also wastes an immense amount of energy.… Read More

BP’s Energy Outlook Shines Light On Future for Carbon

To offset the increasing energy demand and put a dent in CO2 emissions, the world's energy system would need to be increasingly decarbonized.… Read More

The Year the Arctic Shifted South

Climate scientists are studying the interaction between the diminishing sea ice cover in the Arctic and changes to air circulation patterns in the northern hemisphere. … Read More

NASA Visualizes Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay Area

NASA scientists used historic local temperature and precipitation data and sea level rise records from San Francisco to downscale global climate models to produce projections for the southwestern Bay Area.… Read More

Increasing Energy Efficiency with New Federal Incentives

A new government initiative aims to increase energy efficiency by 20 percent in America's commercial sector by 2020… Read More

A Million New Vehicles, but Unknown Emissions Savings

There is a hiccup when it comes to electric vehicles that draw energy from an electricity source that produces large amounts of CO2, however.… Read More

What’s the Economic Impact of Climate Change? Pick a Number

Scientists work around this by merging simplified versions of physical and economic models into what's known in the trade as "integrated assessment models." Three versions are widely used and account for the bulk of the research on the topic.… Read More

Warming Temperatures, Slowing Glaciers?

One explanation for why Greenland's glaciers are flowing faster to the sea may not be right after all… Read More