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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

When Weather and Climate Gets Cloudy

There is more driving weather than just those three climate circulation measures, and many scientific studies have documented changing trends in extreme weather events.… Read More

Weekly Climate Science Roundup: Feb. 15 to 21

Also published last week were articles about Arctic permafrost, tropical cyclones, extinction rates, the climatic history of the Pacific Northwest, and the poleward expansion of coral reefs.… Read More

Global Warming, Extreme Events, and Weird Weather

However, within climate science there is a seemingly limitless set of uncertainty ranges and error bars - even about the core conclusion mentioned above. (Mental note: "error bar" would be an excellent name for an actual bar).… Read More

Risks Keep Rising for Coral Reefs, Analysis Finds

Although corals can often recover from episodes of bleaching, researchers are not sure how coral colonies will tolerate repeated bleaching events, especially if they are simultaneously living in a more acidic environment than they are today.… Read More

Welcome to the Anthropocene

None of these are likely to leave as indelible a mark as the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is causing global climate change, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.… Read More

Permafrost Timebomb

As the Arctic melts, the ground may release half again as much carbon dioxide as humans have created through fossil-fuel burning in the past few hundred years.… Read More

La Niña Beginning to Wane, Forecast Center Says

Some events that are typically associated with La Niña — including heavy rainfall in northeastern Australia and wetter than average conditions in the Pacific Northwest — have come to pass this year.… Read More

New Wind Turbines Coming with No Apparent Home

Last week, Gamesa Technology Corp., a global giant in the design and manufacture of wind turbines, opened a new factory in Norfolk, the first of its kind in the U.S. to produce offshore wind turbines.… Read More