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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Overcoming La Nina, 2011 to Rank As 10th-Warmest Year

If this ranking holds once data from November and December come in, it would mean that 13 of the warmest years have all occurred during just the past 15 years.… Read More

Weird Weather Week: Southern Snow and Northeast Heat

According to The Weather Channel, Memphis has had just three days with an inch or more of snow in November since records began there in 1875.… Read More

Climategate 2.0 Shocker: It’s Underwhelming!

Instead of thickening, the plot thins, as a new round of leaked emails does nothing to undermine climate science… Read More

Climategate 2.0: Quick, Create a Diversion! Scientists Are Saying Something Important

Remember the Climategate emails? The hackers are at it again as a new round of stolen emails have begun to emerge on the web.… Read More

The IPCC’s Extreme Weather Report: News Roundup

A new report from the U.N.-sponsored IPCC was released today. Here's how the media are covering it.… Read More

Climate Change to Bring More Heat Waves, Floods to New York, Report Says

The warmer temperatures and changing precipitation will have dramatic impacts for New York's environment, infrastructure and economy, the report says. … Read More

Can Trees Keep Up With Climate Change?

Studies suggest that previously thought rapid migration of trees may not be true, which could spell trouble for trees adapting to a warming climate.… Read More

Alaska Superstorm Lashes Villages Already Hit Hard by Climate Change

A key factor making this current storm so dangerous, and in increasing storm damage in recent years, has been the later formation of protective shorefast sea ice cover in the fall.… Read More