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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Mother Nature on Steroids

2011 was no ordinary year as Mother Nature slammed Americans with one deadly weather event after another. … Read More

China Inching Forward with Electric Cars and Hybrids

According to the Times, in an interesting twist, the state-run electric companies are behind the push to boost all-electric vehicles.… Read More

Texas on Pace for Warmest, Driest Year on Record

In Boston, MA, only a trace of snow has been recorded this month, which would tie for the least snowiest December.… Read More

Science Prevails as Climate Science Data Won’t be Censored in Texas Report

Anderson issued a statement expressing relief that the conflict has been resolved: "My research found that the rising sea levels in Galveston Bay are due to climate changes that are caused in part by humans.… Read More

Global Warming and Malaria: It’s Kind of Complicated

As temperatures warm and animals hosting infectious diseases take on a wider range, many factors come into play complicating predictions on what to expect … Read More

Court Upholds Cap-and-Trade Program for Airlines, but Ruling May Be Up in the Air

As the New York Times reports today, the regulations are creating severe turbulence between U.S. airlines and the European Union.… Read More

New Breakthrough in Solar? Maybe. Possibly. Or Not.

New studies have found a way to double the efficiency of solar cells while cutting the cost. Is this finally the solution we have been looking for? … Read More

Plains Blizzard Winds Down; Philippines Storm Becomes Deadliest of 2011

NOAA released an assessment of the historic tornado outbreak that occurred on April 25-28, 2011, when more than 200 tornadoes touched down.… Read More