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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Will Clouds Keep a Lid on Climate Change?

The result, described in a paper just published in Science: overall, clouds are likely to amplify warming — or at the very least, to hold it back by the tiniest amount.… Read More

The Sun is Getting Restless

There's all sorts of science in these images, but for climate-watchers the big question — still unanswered — is whether solar cycles have begun to change somehow… Read More

Time-Lapse View of 2010 Hurricane Season

You can actually see how storm after storm was kicked out of bounds into the open Atlantic, or confined to the southern Caribbean Sea, thanks to a new visualization of the entire hurricane season from NOAA.… Read More

Alaska Wildfires Release Decades of Carbon

These wildfires are causing Alaskan forests to release more CO2 into the atmosphere than they are taking out of the atmosphere, which is just the opposite of what has typically been observed in these regions. … Read More

Coastal Marshlands Can Adapt to (Some) Sea Level Rise

The existence and survival of coastal marshlands is not solely dependent on how much sea level rises, but “instead depends strongly on the magnitude of the 21st century climate change and how quickly sea level changes… Read More

Emissions Reduction Pledges Fall Far Short of Copenhagen Accord Goal, UN Says

Even if the pledges were met, says the report... the amount of greenhouse gases remaining in the atmosphere would “imply a temperature increase of between 2.5 to 5°C [4.5 to 9°F] before the end of the century.… Read More

More Evidence Accumulates of Record Greenhouse Gases and Warming Temperatures

Three seemingly disparate stories in recent days help illustrate what climate scientists keep repeating - that empirical evidence indicating a warming world is widespread and robust… Read More

Climate Communication Call to Action

Climate Central has been building a new kind of media organization: a team of scientists and journalists working together to shine a light on climate change by reporting on the science behind it and impacts and solutions in U.S communities.… Read More