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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

A Quick Guide to the Science of Climate Change? Check!

The Royal Society's new report describes what is and isn't known about climate change.… Read More

Get Ready for a La Nina Winter

La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean are likely to shape global weather patterns in the coming months. How might your region be affected?… Read More

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season Ends, with Ice Continuing Its Recent Sharp Downward Trend

Arctic sea ice declined to the third-lowest extent on record this summer, and both the Northwest and Northeast Passages were open for a time.… Read More

Fish & Wildlife Service Lays Out a New Course for Species Conservation in Climate Change Era

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service released a new strategic plan that identifies climate change as the preeminent species conservation challenge.… Read More

Keeping Track of Energy with Useful Websites

Learn all you need to know about energy (well, almost anyway) with the help of a couple of cool websites.… Read More

Trust Versus Confidence In the Climate Change Risk and Policy Debate

Psychological research has many useful lessons for debates about climate risk and policy choices.… Read More

Was Mid-Century Cooling Caused By the Oceans? Don’t Ask

A new study suggests the conventional wisdom about mid-century cooling is at least partly wrong. But the study is hardly definitive.… Read More

How Much Energy Does That Device Use?

Study shows that many people lack the necessary knowledge to make smart choices on saving energy.… Read More