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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Is New Global Warming Poll Cause for Despair?

A new poll reveals an American public that has not fully engaged with the climate change issue, and is confused about the science.… Read More

What Do Americans Really Think About Climate Change?

New polling reveals Americans' low climate literacy, meanwhile the U.N. IPCC announces a series of reforms, and tiny Hurricane Paula hits Cuba.… Read More

Arctic Tipping Points Affect World Climate

KQED CLIMATEWATCH: The Arctic is warming, and what happens there has consequences here in the United States.… Read More

GOOD Charts American Thoughts on Climate Change

A new infographic puts American climate change opinion into full technicolor… Read More

Could a Brightening Sun Cool the Earth?

A new study suggests the sun-climate connection is more complex than we thought — but it's too early to tell if the results will hold up.… Read More

Hansen Projects Hottest Year on Record…in 2012

Were extreme events caused by global warming?… Read More

NASA’s Satellite Measures Microwaves to Map Arctic Sea Ice

The extent of sea ice in the Arctic is measured with the help of a microwave detector… Read More

Mammoth New Marine Census Lays Out What We’ve Got to Lose

After ten years of study, a major set of findings about marine life is released, including more than 6,000 new species.… Read More