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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Finding the Ocean’s Carbon; Adaptation - All Talk and No Action?

A new study sheds light on how the ocean soaks up carbon, and a review of adaptation research shows there isn't much to review.… Read More

Researchers Work to Create New Surface Temperature Datasets

A scientist details the ambitious effort to create new surface temperature datasets for climate studies.… Read More

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Linked to Severe U.S. Winters

The "2010 Arctic Report Card" details emerging evidence that a rapidly warming Arctic is altering weather patterns throughout the Northern Hemisphere.… Read More

Why I Wrote About Judith Curry

Michael Lemonick explores his new article in Scientific American about Judith Curry, a climate scientist who has become a divisive figure.… Read More

Climate in Context: Volcanoes and Climate Change; Assessing Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Volcanic eruptions during the summer can affect climate more than wintertime ones; A new review uncovers (a bit) about how Arctic ecosystems are changing.… Read More

Climate Change Literacy Won’t Be Enough

A risk perception expert argues that a closer understanding of the psychological aspects of climate change is as important as a more climate-literate public.… Read More

The Bike of the Future: Cumbersome but Swift

How the "Optibike" almost won over a hardcore bicyclist.… Read More

Eyeing Super Typhoon Megi

Stunning satellite image captures the wrath of Super Typhoon Megi as it strikes the Philippines.… Read More