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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Support Brackets Won’t Help These Weakening Shelves

The ice shelves that cling to the southern Antarctic Peninsula are retreating, and that could ultimately make for greater sea-level rise. … Read More

Reappearing and Disappearing Wolverines

Nicole Heller muses on scavengers in a warming ecosystem. Plus, she thinks wolverines are cool. … Read More

The Facts Remain

Despite the recent furor, the scientific consensus remains that our climate is changing, with potentially serious consequences.… Read More

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Climate change, Snowmageddon, and the “snowless” Olympics.… Read More

Mistakes Happen

Philip Duffy, an IPCC co-author, comments on the spate of recent attacks on the IPCC.… Read More

What’s Ozone Got to Do With It?

Michael Lemonick explores the somewhat confusing connection between the ozone hole and climate change.… Read More

The Real Uncertainties of Climate Change

Michael Lemonick blogs about "The Real Holes in Climate Change," as seen in Nature. … Read More

We’re Snowed Under! What Happened to Global Warming?

It's perfectly reasonable to suspect the current cold waves in parts of the US and Europe argue against global warming. But it also misses a major point about climate science.… Read More