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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Earth Day: The Movie

A new film on PBS' "American Experience" shows, through gorgeous footage and in-depth interviews, how the first Earth Day came to be.… Read More

Weather on Steroids

Ben Strauss shares lessons from baseball in a hot opening week.… Read More

Arctic Whiplash

Ben Strauss explains why a late freeze at the North Pole doesn't mean much at all.… Read More

Taking the Earth’s Temperature

Philip Duffy responds to a visitor's query about how scientists analyze temperature measurements to infer changes in Earth’s overall temperature.… Read More

The Future of Freezing

At the end of a long winter, signs of a big melt: here and in the Arctic.… Read More

Bad Weather in New Jersey. Is It Climate Change?

Michael Lemonick muses on unprecedented storm damage from the safety of a mall food court. … Read More

Much Ado About Little

Public criticism of the IPCC is getting pretty silly. … Read More

Energy Secretary Steven Chu Looks Ahead

Nicole Heller provides an elevator-summary of Steven Chu’s buzz-worthy talk at Stanford University.… Read More