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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

A Year After “Climategate,” Applying Lessons Learned

"Climategate" has had a lasting impact on how climate scientists approach their work, how the media covers climate science, and how policy makers view the reliability of climate science research.… Read More

Some Heat Waves Can Be More Harmful Than Others, Study Says

In a review of heat waves in 43 American cities between 1987 and 2005, environmental scientists Michelle Bell and Brooke Anderson found that there is a slight but significant increased risk of dying during a heat wave… Read More

October 2010 Ranks 8th Warmest, NOAA Reports

As expected, La Niña — which is a natural climate phenomenon characterized by an area of cooler-than-average water temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean — is really showing off its ability to cool things down. … Read More

Climate Science Discussed Rationally

"Meteorologists focus on the atmosphere, whereas climatologists focus on everything that influences the atmosphere," Cullen told members of the subcommittee.… Read More

Global Warming’s Potential Impact on Wind Energy

This research is among the first to clearly predict a continual decrease in wind energy as average global temperatures go up, but the reasons why wind energy potential might change is not yet entirely clear. … Read More

Energy Outlook Portends High Oil Prices, Low Adoption of Hybrid Vehicles

The WEO points out that an important reason for the escalating oil price in this scenario is that the world’s thirst for oil continues unslaked, and the oil price must rise to keep oil supply in line with demand.… Read More

Natural Disasters with Costly Consequences

With global warming, the unpredictability, frequency, and severity of natural disasters is projected to rise, and so is the cost of picking up the pieces after a natural disaster strikes.… Read More

It Was a Toasty, Stormy October

What makes all of this — and especially the U.S. temperatures — so significant is that we’re now under the influence of the cool Pacific ocean and atmospheric cycle known as La Niña.… Read More