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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Cool Roofs: ‘Geoengineering’ I Can Support

How urban-scale modification measures can help save money...and reduce climate change.… Read More

National Panel Backs State Climate Efforts

A hefty stack of reports issued by a top national science board appears to affirm California's response to the challenges of climate change.… Read More

Prioritizing Climate Change Adaptation

A major new National Academies' report boosts urgency of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.… Read More

Questioning Mainstream Climate Science from Within

Criticism of climate science is now coming from within, as well as outside, the mainstream climate community.… Read More

What’s Soot Got To Do With It?

A little-noticed portion of the new Senate climate bill concerns short-lived air pollutants such as black carbon (soot) and tropospheric ozone. How significant are short-lived air pollutants in causing climate change? … Read More

Climate Change Time Machine

Ben Strauss looks backwards in time to understand future climate change… Read More

Climate Bill Would Encourage New Energy Choices

The bill would help make the shift to cleaner forms of energy, but meeting its mandates won't be easy.… Read More

Plants and Climate Change: It’s Not That Simple

A new study illustrates subtleties of plant/climate relationships. … Read More