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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Public Warms to Climate Change

Attitudes on climate change don’t match latest conventional wisdom … Read More

Unmasking Disinformation, from Tobacco to Climate

Science historian Naomi Oreskes unmasks the organized scientific disinformation campaigns and makes clear just how gullible the press, scientific community and the public have been.… Read More

The Scariest Thing Is That We Don’t Know: Reflections on the Gulf Oil Spill

When the oil spill started, adult blue crabs and millions of larvae were out in the open waters of the Gulf. Interestingly, these crabs are alive. How will the massive oil spill affect them?… Read More

Taking Stock of Domestic Oil Consumption in the Wake of the Gulf Spill

The amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico is but a tiny fraction of US daily oil consumption. What are some of the simple ways Americans can reduce their dependence on oil, and minimize environmental risks?… Read More

Scientist Sues Media for Libelous Climate Coverage

The past several months have been unusually good to climate skeptics, and extremely bad for the majority of climate scientists.… Read More

Batten Down the Hatches: NOAA Predicts Heightened Risk for Hurricanes

NOAA predicts "active to extremely active" hurricane season.… Read More

Study Raises New Questions About Biofuels

Scientists are concerned about the surge in biofuel consumption, this time centering on how each type of biofuel breaks down while burning.… Read More

Hurricane Chimp’s Cheap Shot at Climate Science

Are poor hurricane season forecasts a reason to doubt climate science? A conservative Washington think tank believes the answer is yes, and they are using a monkey to prove it.… Read More