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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Arctic Ice Flows Appear To Be Moving Faster than COP15 Negotiators

Nicole Heller and Andrew Freedman write about science meeting politics at the Copenhagen conference.… Read More

The (Hidden) Costs of Climate Change

Philip Duffy asks whether we can afford to ignore climate change.… Read More

At COP15, Science on the Sidelines

Climate Central contributor Andrew Freedman reports from the conference in Copenhagen.… Read More

Stopping Climate Change: What We Can Learn From Refrigerators

Philip Duffy reflects on a presentation by Steve Chu, the Nobel-prize winning physicist who now leads the U.S. Department of Energy… Read More

Seeing REDD in Copenhagen

Nicole Heller accompanies delegates as they search for funds to save Nigerian forests—and keep their carbon out of the atmosphere.… Read More

Why Temperatures Could Eventually Go Higher Than We Think

Michael Lemonick explains why most climate projections leave out important effects that will kick in after 2100.… Read More

Here’s Why I Like Scientists

Michael Lemonick finds that, contrary to what we're sometimes led to believe, good scientists are inherently cautious about making definitive claims.… Read More

Copenhagen and Climategate

Andrew Freedman explores how the controversy of stolen emails sets the scene for the Copenhagen summit.… Read More