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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Copenhagen and the Diversion of Hacked Emails

Berrien Moore weighs a recent distraction from the scientific facts.… Read More

The Search for Science in Copenhagen

As a scientist and a first-time observer of the international political process to combat climate change, Nicole Heller wonders about the role of science in the negotiations. … Read More

Covering Copenhagen: A Day in the Life

Andrew Freedman reports on his acclimation to the climate summit.… Read More

The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Read About Climate Change, or Maybe Anything

Philip Duffy gets fired up about a new paper published in Nature.… Read More

Analysis of US Delegation’s Climate Numbers

Climate Central scientists analyze the claims made at COP15 by the US Climate Change Special Envoy Todd Stern… Read More

US Delegation’s Carbon Figures Check Out, But Mask Divides

Climate Central fact checks special envoy's press conference statements.… Read More

The Sexiest Men Alive

Philip Duffy blogs about energy efficiency and desire, in Copenhagen.… Read More

A Carbon-Reducing Bicycle Wheel?

The “Copenhagen Wheel” debuts today as a way to encourage bike commuting and thus reduce overall emissions. Whether or not it works, the technology is pretty clever.… Read More