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Thoughts on everything from climate modeling to energy policy.

Arctic Whiplash

Ben Strauss explains why a late freeze at the North Pole doesn't mean much at all.… Read More

Taking the Earth’s Temperature

Philip Duffy responds to a visitor's query about how scientists analyze temperature measurements to infer changes in Earth’s overall temperature.… Read More

The Future of Freezing

At the end of a long winter, signs of a big melt: here and in the Arctic.… Read More

Bad Weather in New Jersey. Is It Climate Change?

Michael Lemonick muses on unprecedented storm damage from the safety of a mall food court. … Read More

Much Ado About Little

Public criticism of the IPCC is getting pretty silly. … Read More

Energy Secretary Steven Chu Looks Ahead

Nicole Heller provides an elevator-summary of Steven Chu’s buzz-worthy talk at Stanford University.… Read More

Support Brackets Won’t Help These Weakening Shelves

The ice shelves that cling to the southern Antarctic Peninsula are retreating, and that could ultimately make for greater sea-level rise. … Read More

Reappearing and Disappearing Wolverines

Nicole Heller muses on scavengers in a warming ecosystem. Plus, she thinks wolverines are cool. … Read More